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Websites are not a fad. They are here to stay and businesses, bloggers and education utilize them to connect. There are many different modes of websites. From purposes of connecting people to sharing ideas, websites share one commonality: HTML. While you can create a website without any knowledge of HTML, CSS and PhP, you can’t truly customize it. It is kind of like driving a car without being able to shift gears on your own. This course explores two principles including design practices and coding. This class is project based.


The overall goal of Web Design is to excite students about the emerging and dynamic field of web design. Specific goals include:

  • Understand and create sites utilizing HTML and CSS
  • Identify emerging fields, technology and ethics in computing
  • Explore educational and career opportunities in the web design sector
  • Understand various design principles
  • Design websites for specific clients and media outlets
  • Implement and organize programming to solve visualization ideals
  • Demonstrate proficiency in WordPress
  • Adapt and design basic HTML/CSS and Javascript web technologies


  • Class posting and discussion on emerging web ideas
  • In class tutorials serve as guided practices
  • Independent Projects serve as student opportunities to prove mastery of concepts
  • Unit Projects
    • HTML/CSS
    • PhotoShop Design and Web implementation
    • WordPress client site
    • Javascript, special effects and animation
  • Final Exam
    • Cumulative

Grading Breakdown per marking period

  • Classroom activities(postings, discussion boards): 20%
  • Guided practices (tutorials, class demos, etc.): 35%
  • Independent projects aka unit projects aka benchmarks: 45%

Classroom Codes:

APCS: 1otuje
Intro to CS: 4gvmqlo
Principles of CS: 0uk9fez
Web Design: pfiz8m