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AP Computer Science is a highly sought course in high school curriculum. Its seen a sharp increase in students over the past few years test numbers but still 90% of high schools do not offer the course. Essentially, the course is built around the College Board course descriptions.


The overall goal of AP Computer Science is to introduce computer science programming methodology by programming java.


Grading Breakdown per marking period

  • Homework activities: 20%
  • Project practices (This Week in Programming, class projects, etc.): 30%
  • AP Friday and other quizzes: 10%
  • Benchmarks: 40%
    • All unit exams are AP questions and graded on the AP score range of 1-5. Students scoring a 1 receive a 65%, 2 75%, etc. Students would receive a 100% if 100% of the exam is correct.

Classroom Codes:

APCS: 1otuje
Intro to CS: 4gvmqlo
Principles of CS: 0uk9fez
Web Design: pfiz8m