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This Week in Technology

Technology changes faster and faster. Ever hear of Moore’s law? Essentially he suggested that every year the amount of transistors would double. He’s been right. Think of it. A mere 8 years ago we didn’t have iPhones. My cell phone can do pretty much anything my laptop can do. Innovation leads Computer Science and we are only bounded by ideas. The concept of thinking outside the box is history. Instead of being outside, CS has crushed the box and rebuilt it.

Each week you will be hearing from a few of your classmates about the latest and coolest stuff in technology.

Your goal is to prepare a 5-10 minute presentation on ONE topic that was important in the recent weeks of technology. The topics must focus on the technology. For instance, I am writing this a few days before Apple hosts an event. Rumors are a buzz between new iPhones, new Apple Watches and perhaps a new Apple TV. Talk about those rumors. What do they mean for consumers? Is this innovation or just fluff? Present on the facts, lead a discussion.

To help you guide this adventure, you will be responsible for signing up and reviewing the project description.

  1. Review the PDF here
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  3. On your day of presentation, you MUST share your presenting materials with either Mr. Hayes or Mr. Pennebacker.
    1. Upload to Google Drive, click share add us.