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Interested in how your computer or smartphone works? Introduction to Computer Science introduces students to current trends in computer science innovation. Students will learn programming by creating their own games and animations. Programs will be written in block-style languages such as Scratch. Students will understand how the interactions between hardware and software allow computers to function. Get on board with one of the fastest growing fields!


The overall goal of Intro to Computer Science is to excite students about the emerging and dynamic field of computer science. Specific goals include:

  • Understand the historical context of computing evolution
  • Identify emerging fields, technology and ethics in computing
  • Explore educational and career opportunities in the technology sector
  • Understand various hardware components in traditional personal computing devices
  • Design hardware specific innovations
  • Implement and organize block level programming to solve problems
  • Demonstrate object orientated programming principles relating to Java
  • Adapt and design basic HTML/CSS and Javascript web technologies


  • This Week in Technology Presentations
    • Student presented and student led discussion on current trend or product in Computer Science
    • Presented each marking period
    • Projects
  • Unit Exams/Projects
    • History, careers and ethics
    • Hardware
    • Programming
    • Web Development
  • Final Exam
    • Cumulative

Grading Breakdown per marking period

  • Classroom activities(postings, discussion boards): 20%
  • Guided practices (tutorials, class demos, etc.): 30%
  • Independent projects aka unit projects aka benchmarks and This Week in Technology: 40%
  • Any other assignments that do not fit the above such as participation, quizzes, exit/entrance questions, etc.: 10%

Classroom Codes:

APCS: 1otuje
Intro to CS: 4gvmqlo
Principles of CS: 0uk9fez
Web Design: pfiz8m