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Opening Day Activity

Websites, the internet, technology, etc. is constantly evolving. In a sense, the internet is everywhere yet no where. In exists but is it tangible? Is it manipulative? Is it accessible? Does it even really truly exist? I consider the internet as an extension of reality. Items can be created but not used in a traditional sense.
So if the internet is an extension of reality or slightly viewed as an offshoot, how would we look if we lived solely online? We existed on the highways of ethernet cables, our homes were desktops and friends consisted of laptops, smartphones, and other tiny displays. The purpose of today is to get to know you, or the internet you, if you trapped digitally.
Here is the intended progression:

  1. Create an avatar. You have hundreds of customizations to create the digital you. Keep it as close to you as possible.
  2. Once you are done, copy (right click or command click) the avatar. Paste it into this document.
  3. Add your name to the class roster word bank.
  4. Once your paste your avatar into the first column, vote on others to try and “guess” their true identities.
  5. Finally, make an educated guess as to what they did over the summer.
  6. Remember…do not reveal your true self! Let’s see what you all come up with!

Classroom Codes:

APCS: 1otuje
Intro to CS: 4gvmqlo
Principles of CS: 0uk9fez
Web Design: pfiz8m