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Welcome to my digital learning space. Treat this as your launchpad for all things code. This space is meant for students and parents as a place to see coursework, upcoming assignments and a place for collaboration. In conjunction with Google Classroom, this page is your biggest source for PV Computer Science!

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Who is Mr. Pennebacker?

It always baffles me when I try to write about myself. Words don’t really tell the entire story but they do help paint the picture of my journey to this classroom.

I’ve heard once that in other countries when people first engage in conversation, their jobs are rarely a topic of discussion. I guess I wouldn’t do well there…my “jobs” define who I am, what I enjoy and where I am going. Let’s start with my favorites:

Dad – On 6/20/15 my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. Lyla stole our hearts with her smiles. You’ll hear a lot about her over the year. I sleepless because of her but smile so much more.
Teacher – I’ve been teaching at PV since 2011 and teach computer science courses. Checkout some of the courses I teach. These courses are 100% me. Prior to starting, PV had no computer science courses. Each of these courses was designed by me. I am incredible proud of these courses. Additionally, I run PV Ski and Board Club. Check us out here and a take a trip with us! Oh and run the Computer Club too which is planning on doing the 3rd annual Hour of Code. I also serve as the co-department chair of the Business and IT department here at PV. Finally, I am the districts one and only Mac admin. On a Mac, yeah I run that.

Professor – I once had a student that only called me professor. Well, I do that too. I teach graduate level teacher education courses at Gwynedd-Mercy University. Maybe I’ll see you in 5 years?

Student – I am currently a 3rd year doctoral student at Lehigh University in their Teaching, Learning and Technology Ph.D. program. Hopefully Spring 2017 I’ll have my Ph.D.

Guide – I guide Rock Climbing at Doylestown Rock Gym. Many weekends I guide climbers at outdoors as we learn about climbing safely and having fun!

Web Designer – I also design websites. It’s a side gig but certainly a lot of fun. More on that later.

Fun – Climbing, kayaking, skiing, biking, running, splitting wood, woodworking and dogs. So much more on all of those later.

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